Top 9 Innovative Startups Making Yoga Accessible in India



9 Startups Making Yoga Accessible in India

The global yoga industry is thriving, worth over $88 billion and projected to reach $215 billion by 2025. With such a massive market potential, numerous startups in India are innovating to make yoga more accessible to the masses. In celebration of the International Day of Yoga, we highlight nine startups that are transforming the yoga landscape in India.

Meet 9 Startups Making Yoga Accessible in India

Leading Yoga Startups in India

Here’s a closer look at the startups that are making waves in the Indian yoga industry:

  • 1. AyurUniverse

    AyurUniverse offers a comprehensive platform for ayurvedic wellness and yoga retreats. They connect users with a variety of wellness programs, making it easier for people to find and book holistic health experiences.

  • 2. FITTR

    FITTR is a leading online fitness community offering personalized training plans and diet consultations. They incorporate yoga as part of their holistic approach to health and fitness, making it accessible to their large user base.

  • 3. SARVA

    SARVA aims to connect the world through yoga. With a variety of online and offline classes, they cater to yoga enthusiasts of all levels. Their mission is to create a healthier and happier society.

  • 4. offers a digital platform for fitness and wellness, including yoga classes. Their holistic approach covers physical fitness, mental well-being, and healthy eating, making wellness more accessible to everyone.

  • 5. Yoganta

    Yoganta provides a range of yoga and wellness services, promoting health, peace, and harmony. Their programs are designed to cater to individual needs, ensuring personalized attention and growth.

  • 6. KarmaSpark

    KarmaSpark offers yoga and fitness performance programs, focusing on improving overall well-being through structured yoga sessions and fitness routines.

  • 7. YogaFi

    YogaFi integrates technology with traditional yoga practices. Their smart yoga mats and apps provide real-time feedback and guidance, enhancing the yoga experience for users.

  • 8. Yoga Jal

    Yoga Jal focuses on providing accessible yoga education and resources. They offer online classes, workshops, and training programs to help individuals incorporate yoga into their daily lives.

  • 9. HealthifyMe

    HealthifyMe is a digital health and fitness platform offering personalized diet and fitness plans. Their yoga offerings are an integral part of their holistic approach to health and wellness.

These startups are not only making yoga accessible but are also contributing to the wellness revolution in India. By leveraging technology and innovative approaches, they are helping millions embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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