Blinkit to Outpace Zomato’s Food Delivery Revenue by 2030



Blinkit to Outpace Zomato’s Food Delivery Revenue by 203

According to analysts such as Bernstein, Blinkit is poised to surpass Zomato in food delivery revenue by FY30. This marks a significant shift in the competitive landscape of the Indian food delivery industry. Let’s dive into the projected growth and what it means for both companies.

Blinkit vs Zomato Revenue Projection

Revenue Projections for Blinkit and Zomato

The graphic above illustrates the expected revenue growth for Blinkit and Zomato from FY23 to FY30. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the projected figures:

  • FY23: Zomato – ₹6,146.4 CR, Blinkit – ₹1,064.0 CR
  • FY24: Zomato – ₹8,230.2 CR, Blinkit – ₹2,302.0 CR
  • FY25: Zomato – ₹11,113.7 CR, Blinkit – ₹4,900.6 CR
  • FY26: Zomato – ₹13,314.1 CR, Blinkit – ₹8,359.0 CR
  • FY27: Zomato – ₹15,334.0 CR, Blinkit – ₹12,384.3 CR
  • FY28: Zomato – ₹18,018.4 CR, Blinkit – ₹16,553.2 CR
  • FY29: Zomato – ₹20,289.7 CR, Blinkit – ₹19,171.4 CR
  • FY30: Zomato – ₹21,778.2 CR, Blinkit – ₹22,911.9 CR

Key Insights

These projections highlight a notable trend where Blinkit, currently trailing behind Zomato, is set to catch up and eventually surpass Zomato’s food delivery revenue by FY30. Several factors contribute to this anticipated growth:

  • Market Expansion: Blinkit’s aggressive market expansion strategies are playing a crucial role in increasing its market share.
  • Technological Advancements: Continuous improvements in technology and user experience are helping Blinkit attract and retain more customers.
  • Service Diversification: By diversifying its services beyond food delivery, Blinkit is tapping into new revenue streams and enhancing its overall growth.
As Blinkit continues to innovate and expand, the competition with Zomato is expected to intensify. This rivalry is likely to drive further advancements and improvements in the Indian food delivery sector, ultimately benefiting consumers with better services and options.

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